Born 1993 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Lives in Oslo, Norway and in Lisbon, Portugal. 


2023 - 2025 MFA, the Academy of Fine Art Oslo.
2016 - 2019 BFA, the Academy of Fine Art Oslo.
2017 - 2018 Belas Artes Ulisboa
2014 - 2016 Oslo Fotokunstskole, School of art Photography Oslo

Upcoming exhibitions

February 2024 - ‘Marbles’ with Sofie Amalie Andersen, at Pachinko, Oslo

May 2024 - Dragseth / Dragseth, at Søgne Gamle Prestegård, Kristiansand

Solo exhibitions 

2023 - My Mothers flower arrangements’ at Femidomen, Nesodden

2022 - Selva Fria, Agder Kunstsenter, Kristiansand.

2021- Selva Mente, Melk Gallery, Oslo
2021- In Search of Dead(ly) Fires, Thirdspace, Xabregas, Lisboa

2019 - In Search of Dead(ly) Fires, Sol Gallery, Nexø Havn, Bornholm, Denmark

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 - OFF THE WALL, Kösk gallery, Oslo
2023- ‘Å ligge andføttes’, artist video portrait in the exhibition ‘Søvn er Livets Sum’, by Ann Cahrin November Høibo. 

2021 - Et annet sted enn her, Kösk galleri, Oslo
2021 -Como se um nervo cosesse todas as partes, Estufa Fria de Lisboa

2019 - HATCH, Agder Kunstsenter, Kristiansand
2019- Pointed Consciousness, Curated by Behzad Farazollahi, QB Gallery, Oslo.
2019- CAPITULO 1 PADA studios.  AMAC Barreiro, Lisbon
2019- Trance of ego, Arte de Cabeza, FESTIVAL DE VIDEO 60 SECONDS, MAM Chiloè (Museo de Arte Moderno Chiloè), Isla grande de Chiloè, Chile

2018 - Nice Paintings & Dead(ly) Fires, Arteriet, Kristiansand
Futura Classics A/S. Gallery Seilduken

2017-GUERRILA GIRLS,  Gallery K4,Oslo
2017- SCULPTURE CONTRACTS, Gallery K4, Oslo, SCULPTURE CONTRACTS, Agder Kunstsenter, Kristiansand, SCULPTURE CONTRACTS, After School Special, Landmark, Bergen.

2016 - Filmscreening of Avlat at Grønnskjerm, Parkteateret, Oslo
2016 - Qunst 25, Odderøya,Kristiansand
2016 - OGSÅ, Kunstplass [10], Oslo
2016 -DUO Exhibition. Ida Oppen & Thyra Dragseth, Kulturhagen, Asker

2015 - Limboland, Tor Inge Kveum. Screening of shortfilm "I remember, but does that mean its true?". Trafo Kunsthall, Heggedal
2015 - Group exhibition, Zeta gallery, Tirana. Albania
2015 - SOBJEKT, Norwegian Sculpture Association, Oslo

Founder and curator at Lars Lisboa. 

For any inqueries, please email me.
thyradrag [at]


2019 Om Tilblivelse. Lik Forlag
2018 Interlogue 01, Pseudonym Publishing.  
2018 Clinique by Tarmac. First Issue.
2017 HYMEN, Issue #3 Success


Agder Municipality, 2021 
NOFOFO, Norsk Fotografisk Fond, 2021
Norwegian Arts Council, 2021
Kristiansand Municipality, 2020.
Norwegian Arts Council, koronastipend, 2020
Fond for Lyd og Bilde, 2020
Fondet for kunst- og designstudenter (FKDS)
Cultiva Ekspress 2018
Cultiva Ekspress 2016

Public Collections 

Sørlandet Kunstmuseum
Kristiansand Municipality


All images © Thyra Dragseth.